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Dies actress Elizabeth Pena; was in a lot more than Modern Family

The late Elizabeth Pena, in "Lone Star"
Fire Elizabeth Pena in "Lone Star" Actress Elizabeth Pena, who died Tuesday at age way too young, 55, had a distinguished career as an actor 35 years which consisted of more than 60 roles in movies and television. His films included " La Bamba " "batteries not included" 88880011 "Down and Out in Beverly Hills," "Blue Steel," "Rush Hour," "The Incredibles" and John fantastic, underrated 1,996 Sayles drama "Lone Star." On television, she has appeared on everything from Hill Street Blues and Cagney and Lacey at LA Law, CSI: Miami, and NCIS . In 2013, Pena appeared ... Read the rest of this entry...
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“The fish and chip shop the most innovative on the market” Gill Fry Fry leverages new technologies

Gills Fry Fry
Gills Fry Fry PRLog - October 16, 2014 - RUNCORN, UK - According to the owner of Gill Fry Fry, Dave Gill: "This degree of automation and control is something you crave. It's so simple and runs just as easily; you can not say better than that. " Described as" fish and chip shop the most innovative on the market ", based in Sunderland Gill Fry Fry was run by a local family for 40 years. Today, the company combines traditional service standards with food of high quality and state-of-the- advanced technology. Its ... Read the rest of this entry...

BEAST Releases Instrumental Teaser & So Hot &

BEAST Releases Instrumental Teaser for “So Hot”
Idol Group BEAST published an instrumental video for one of their tracks off their upcoming album , " Time " through their official YouTube channel. The video of "So Hot" and presented a couple gets intimate fun. "Time" will contain six tracks: " Drive ", " This is a good thing, " " If I close my eyes "," Stay "and" So Hot , "and the title track" 12:30 . " Five of the six songs are composed and produced by Good Life , a production team consisting of Yong junhyung and Kim Ju Te ... Read the rest of this entry...

JadeTrack Raises $312K, start of hiring for the solution of sustainability management in the cloud

JadeTrackSustainabilityManagementPRLog - October 9, 2014 - COLUMBUS, Ohio - JadeTrack, a Columbus-based startup that combines sustainability management with a software platform based on the cloud, today announced it has raised $312,500 in seed funding from angel investors to fuel the development of its technology and hire the necessary resources to expand into markets across the United States. In an economy where the price of electricity, gas and water will redefine the way we do business, JadeTrack provides visibility into key operational parameters that lower energy costs, improves engagement and shoot growth strategies in the long term The main features of the platform include JadeTrack :. • ... Read the rest of this entry...

AmExs Instagram is supported by Frost CF 1960 ad exec

If you are an American Express Card member, you can recognize the name FC gel that first card placebo -you mailed. FC Frost was presented as the holder of the hypothetical map for generations and now it present itself to us for real. M Gel resumed .. Instagram account AmEx this week to show its benefits membership card. It provides an overview of his life from day to day, which, thanks to the provision of card members American Express, is apparently full of glamor and luxury. It takes pictures with surprise guests including Adrianne Ho, designer sweat style, and photographer André D. Wagner while visiting iconic locations in London, ... Read the rest of this entry...