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[Highlights] The Musketeers Cozy up in prison for Ep 10

[Highlights] The Musketeers Get Cozy in Jail for Ep 10
" The Three Musketeers "is to get almost excruciatingly intense. This week had me on the edge of my seat and I ended up just abusing the fast forward button because I had to know what the plan was immediately . Of course, I then went back and re-watched it -. From "The Three Musketeers" is to be enjoyed in all its glory in real time Here's my roundup of the best moments of the episode, check it out and tell me what I ' I missed in the comments! 1 Serious eye-candy, I mean, face around . ... Read the rest of this entry...
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Sony SmartWatch 3 listed on Google Play $250, release date of a question mark

As more and more players are joining the mobile game, it becomes increasingly difficult to stand out. Even for veterans of the market such as Sony. Their freshman effort smartwatch came to light in 2012, before Apple even thought for a dive into the flowing water, and now the third input of the Sony SmartWatch franchise inching ever closer to a commercial arc. The SmartWatch 3 is undoubtedly massively better than its predecessors, particularly the software point of view, but it lacks a certain je ne what to take on sais Moto 360 Motorola or G R LG Watch . It is also more expensive than Asus ZenWatch ... Read the rest of this entry...

Lee Byung Hun made a public appearance after First scandal blackmail, apologizes to Lee Min Jung

Lee Byung Hun Makes First Public Appearance after Blackmailing Scandal, Apologizes to Lee Min Jung
In light of the recent case of blackmail actor Lee Byung Hun has publicly apologized to his wife, actress Lee Min Jung . On the evening of October 20, the actor left for the United States to carry out its program. This marks his first public appearance after being involved in a blackmail scandal with the girl group GLAM 's Kim Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon in September. The actor appeared thin and tired as he stood before reporters and said, "I feel sorry for those I have disappointed, and I feel regretful . In particular, I'm sorry to my ... Read the rest of this entry...

Im sure Im a terrible parents Skyrim

ScreenShot18 skyrim
Skyrim is an incredible sandbox, allowing you to do a number things that do not impact gameplay, but awfully fun to do. Among those things is the adoption of children. There is not much you can do with the kids, of course. They live in your home, call you mom or dad, and sometimes ask for money. One might think that the interaction with so little, I would not be able to be a horrible mother, right? You would be quite wrong. My inability to parent is legendary, and nowhere is that more evident than in Skyrim . For example, you can play games with your children. They are ... Read the rest of this entry...

Dies actress Elizabeth Pena; was in a lot more than Modern Family

The late Elizabeth Pena, in "Lone Star"
Fire Elizabeth Pena in "Lone Star" Actress Elizabeth Pena, who died Tuesday at age way too young, 55, had a distinguished career as an actor 35 years which consisted of more than 60 roles in movies and television. His films included " La Bamba " "batteries not included" 88880011 "Down and Out in Beverly Hills," "Blue Steel," "Rush Hour," "The Incredibles" and John fantastic, underrated 1,996 Sayles drama "Lone Star." On television, she has appeared on everything from Hill Street Blues and Cagney and Lacey at LA Law, CSI: Miami, and NCIS . In 2013, Pena appeared ... Read the rest of this entry...