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HP uses Lady Gaga lookalikes give free Veer 4Gs for metro users

Lady Gaga lookalikes give away HP Veer 4G It's not just select Best Buy employees get the HP Veer 4G for free it seems. Monday, HP has distributed units of the smartphone for some people in the New York subway. Instead of simply distributing phones, HP has decided to use a bunch of little monsters some interest in Veer. Monday, HP sent a collection of Lady Gaga lookalikes to distribute the HP Veer 4G metro users. The doubles are there not only to distribute free Veers, but the news GaGa “Born This Way” album which you will recall that the album that brought the servers to their knees Amazon the same day. The subway trains where phones were given were covered with advertisements for the phone and the new album. As with the revelation yesterday that HP Veers free best buy employees, it can not hope to get more interested in the small device. The partnership with Lady GaGa is a great idea too. What better way to advertise without doubt the best smartphone on the market by putting it next to one of the biggest acts in pop music right now? Read[ WebOSRoundup ] and[ Flickr ]


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